Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lighthouse Dub...dropping like a turd off a castle wall

Full artwork versions of "Lighthouse Dub" have now landed (featuring a great label design by John Elsaesser). You can pick up your copies online at Rooted Records and at your local highstreet retailer.

Monkeysteak: Lighthouse Dub

A - Original Mix
B - DJ Pinch Remix

People have had nice things to say about this:

Online dubstep fiends Rooted records squeeze out their first sprog from fellow Bristolians Monkeysteak and Pinch for their new Punch Drunk label. Monkeysteak's 'lighthouse dub' is a widescreen dubstep arrangement, with deep dub reggae vibes with obvious On-U sound influences and updated widescreen bassline pressure for the current dubstep fiending audience. Pinch's mix tightens up the drums in his usual style, and adds a little bit of trademark flex to the bassline for another bona fide Pinch killer riddim. Recommended.

Following in the footsteps of Subtext and Tectonic, Punch Drunk is a new label coming out of the UK's second city of dubstep, Bristol. Echoing the forward thinking ambitions of London's original dubstep movement, Punch Drunk's own strain of UK post-junglism draws from the influence of Bristol's history of progressive soundsystem culture, from Blue & Red and Smith & Mighty to Independent Dealers, Protocol, More Rockers and Full Cycle. Having already established themselves with angular grime laden drum'n'bass excursions on Werk discs, the Grim Dubs series and New York label Shadetek, Bristol's Monkeysteak (aka Atki2 and Hanuman) bring a deeper level vibe to kick off the label. "Lighthouse Dub" manifests their own hypnotic dubstep vision taking in new textural territories and punishing subsonic pressure. Tectonic boss, Planet Mu artist and Bristol dubstep scene godfather, DJ Pinch flexes his remix skills for the flipside bringing a solid steppers vibe to the track combined with his trademark sublime syncopation. DJ support comes from Pinch, Appleblim, Joe Nice, Kid Kameleon, Rob Smith (Smith & Mighty), Gutterbreakz and more.
(Piccadilly Records)

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